The Europe Forum was organised in Turku on 30 Aug–1 Sep 2018. The discussions of almost a hundred specialists and influencers were followed and joined by 2,000 participants. Furthermore, the programme at the Thalia Market attracted thousands of citizens.

Europe Forum Turku

  • Europe Forum Turku is an annual opening of the autumn season of politics and economy in Finland.
  • The event was organised for the first time on 30 Aug–1 Sep 2018.
  • During the 2018 Europe Forum, a total of 30 discussions were organised, and a hundred specialists and influencers discussed together with the citizens.

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– Europe Forum Turku has to become an annual tradition because there is a true need and demand for it. Europe Forum Turku stands as an excellent example of an event that brings together citizens and decision-makers and at the same time aims to cultivate genuine discussion on the EU, its values, and its future. A forum like this one in Turku could be organised also in other EU member states – when I described the forum to the other Commissioners, they, too, became inspired, says Vice President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen.

Come and join the discussion!
– increasing civil dialogue and participation as an objective

Europe Forum Turku had a specific objective: to enable dialogue between decision-makers, specialists, and citizens. During the Forum, citizens were able to comment and present questions both live at the event and via the mobile application of the event. The application was downloaded by 791 people, and 152 audience questions were asked via the application.

In addition, 30 of the Europe Forum programme sections were livestreamed. During three days, the streams and recordings were watched around 8,000 times a day.

The Europe Forum showed well on social media. On Twitter, over 600 tweets from around 300 different users have been published with the hashtag #eurooppafoorumi. On Facebook, the Europe Forum -related posts by the City of Turku, alone, reached approximately 80,000 Facebook users.

Thank you to all participants!