The Europe Forum is organised in Turku on 30 Aug–1 Sep 2018. In addition to almost a hundred specialists and influencers, a large audience is expected to participate in the event. A few of the 30 discussions of the event are already full, but you may enquire about potential free places at the venue. Furthermore, you may follow the programme online via live streams.

The event has a mobile application that can be used for commenting on EU affairs, asking questions from the speakers and joining the discussion, even if you are not able to come to the venues. The application is available in Finnish in application shops by the name Turun Eurooppa-foorumi. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can also download the application on the website of the event:

You will find the live streams on the day-specific programmes and on the website

Those who have downloaded the application and aswered on it to a competition questionnaire will participate in a draw where you can win a travel gift card!

Buzz at the Europe Market

At the Europe Market on the Thalia Market’s 1st and 2nd floors at the Hansa shopping centre, you can explore Finnish Europe actors’ acitivities, discuss Europe, and receive information about European integration and the European Union. The market is open on 30–31 Aug at 10 am–5 pm, and 1 Sep at 10 am–1 pm.

On Friday 31 Aug at the Thalia Market, you have the possibility to listen to, ask about, and comment on diverse Europe discussion:

  • 2.00–3.00 pm, Question Time of the Minister for European Affairs Sampo Terho. You may send questions to the Minister in advance via email,, with the title "Question for Minister for European Affairs”.
  • 3.00–4.30 pm, EU Policy in the 2020s: Security, Economy, and the Environment. Panelists: Annika Saarikko (Centre Party), Mikkel Näkkäläjärvi (Social Democratic Party), Ilkka Kanerva (National Coalition Party), Li Andersson (Left Alliance), Ville Niinistö (Green Party), Sari Essayah (Christian Democrats), Simon Elo (Blue Reform), Ville Tavio (Finns Party) ja Stefan Wallin (Swedish People’s Party).
  • 4.30–5.00 pm, EU Policy in the 2020s: Challenges of the Presidency and Parliamentary Term. Panelists: Petteri Orpo (National Coalition Party) and Antti Rinne (Social Democratic Party).

At the Thalia Market, you will also be able to watch the live streams of the following discussions:

  • Thursday 30 Aug at 10.30–11.00 am, Opening of the Forum (streamed from Marina Palace)
  • Friday 31 Aug 09.30–11.30 am, Civil Dialogue – The EU Super Year 2019 in Finland (streamed from Åbo Svenska Teater). MEPs joining the discussion: Sirpa Pietikäinen (National Coalition Party/EPP), Miapetra Kumpula-Natri (Social Democratic Party of Finland, S&D), Nils Torvalds (Swedish People's Party of Finland, ALDE), Elsi Katainen (Centre Party, ALDE), Merja Kyllönen (Left Alliance, GUE/NGL), Petri Sarvamaa (National Coalition Party, EPP), Henna Virkkunen (National Coalition Party, EPP), Jussi Halla-aho (Finns Party, ECR), Heidi Hautala (Greens in Finland, Greens/EFA), and Anneli Jäätteenmäki (Centre Party, ALDE).
  • Saturday 1 Sep at 10.30 am–12.00 pm, The Values of the EU – Civil Dialogue Led by Jyrki Katainen (live stream from Marina Palace)

The Europe Market is joined by: Eurooppalainen Suomi ry. (European Finland), JEF Finland, Turun kuvataidekoulu (Turku School of Fine Arts), Schuman Society, European Youth Parliament Finland, TE Office of Southwest Finland EURES, Ministry of the Interior, EU Home Affairs Funds – the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF) – InterAct Office Turku, Centrum Balticum -foundation, Southwest Finlad Emergency Services, Finnish Immigration Service, European Migration Network (EMN), Finnish members of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), Representation of Finland to the European Commission, European Parliament Information Office Finland, Europe Direct Southwest Finland, Lingsoft, and Regional Council of Southwest Finland.

On Friday 31 Aug Also party representatives participate in the Europe Market.

See the whole Europe Forum Turku programme: