As a part of Europe Forum Turku, the Grand Committee of the Parliament organises a Public Consultation in Turku, in the Åbo Svenska Teater (ÅST) facilities on Friday 31 Aug at 12.30–2.30 pm. At the beginning of the two-part occasion, Prime Minister Juha Sipilä will talk about Finland’s upcoming EU presidency and the policy for a future strategy for the EU. Following the speech, he will answer the audience’s questions.

Europe Forum Turku is all about:

  • Europe Forum Turku is an annual opening of the autumn season of politics and economy in Finland. It is organised for the first time on 30 Aug–1 Sep 2018.
  • In the Forum, people from different areas of life get to meet each other: decision-making politicians, non-governmental organisations, economic life, labour market organisations, specialists, and citizens.
  • Almost 30 panels and seminars will take place during the Europe Forum, and a hundred top influencers in politics and economy will be joining the discussion.
  • Seminars, panel discussions, question times, and civil dialogue will include constructive dialogue about Europe and the meaning and development of the European Union.
  • The venues of the Forum are the Thalia Market in the Hansa Block, Åbo Svenska Teater, Radisson Blu Marina Palace, Turku Main Library Studio, and Panimoravintola Koulu (Brewery Restaurant School).

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After Prime Minister’s speech, the occasion will continue as a Public Consultation of the Grand Committee of the Parliament on the EU’s trade and development policies.

– As we are approaching Finland’s EU presidency, it is important that civil dialogue on the European Union becomes active and more diverse. This has been noticeable throughout the year in several discussion events organised at universities. The Turku event is an excellent continuation for that. In the upcoming year within the EU, we will have to be able to have prominent discussion on values, and we will have to reflect i.e. how the EU will be able to retain an even stronger unity during rapid global changes, says Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

– I am very pleased that the Europe Forum is organised in Turku where we have the history of being the home for Finnish Europe discussion. I hope that from the very beginning, the forum becomes a discussion platform for civil dialogue and dialogue between different actors. The preparations for the Forum by a significantly wide network create a good framework for it and commitment for building a strong basis for an annual event, says Mayor of Turku Minna Arve.

Minister for European Affairs Sampo Terho has an open Question Time for the citizens, the topics being i.e. Brexit, immigration, and the future EU budget. You may send questions to the Minister in advance via email,, with the title "Question for Minister for European Affairs”, or via the Europe Forum mobile application (available in Finnish):

Other Ministers speaking in Europe Forum Turku are Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen (National Coalition Party) and Minister of Family Affairs and Social Services Annika Saarikko (Centre Party). Party Chairs Petteri Orpo (National Coalition Party, Minister of Finance) and Antti Rinne (Social Democratic Party) will encounter in an EU-themed debate in the Thalia Market of Hansa on Friday 31 Aug at 4.30 pm.

10 writings about Europe cut into the union’s challenges and chances

Ten influencers with profound knowledge of the European Union and Finland’s position in it express their views in a recent Finnish-language publication, 10 kirjoitusta Euroopasta (“10 Writings about Europe”) by the University of Turku Centre for Parliamentary Studies. In their writings, the researchers crystallise the EU’s historical significance and its challenges today, as well as evoke discussion about the EU’s future. The publication is neither a statement in favour of the European Union or a specific integration development nor against them, but an opening for discussion.

Providing its reader with a certain kind of introduction to the Europe Forum, the publication is available online on (in Finnish).

Open panels and seminars invite to discuss i.e. the EU economic policy

The nearly 30 panels and seminars of the Europe Forum will feature around a hundred speakers and include themes from immigration, development of the internal market, EU myth busting, significance of NGOs in EU affairs, and increasing civil dialogue to the role of the EU as a global security policy actor and its finance, macroeconomic and structural policies.

In the “Europe Awaits Reforms – What is Finland Prepared for?” session by SAK, AKAVA, STTK, EK, and Eurooppalainen Suomi (European Finland), starting at 3 pm on Friday 31 Aug, the discussion focuses on the measures that the EU on one hand recommends to, and on the other hand requires from Finland. What is Finland prepared for when Europe awaits reforms?

Open civil dialogue led by Vice President of the European Commission Jyrki Katainen takes place on Saturday 1 Sep and its topics are the values and future of the European Union.

Download the free mobile application and join the discussion

The event has a mobile application that can be used for exploring the programme and also commenting on EU affairs, presenting questions to the speakers and joining the discussion. The application is available only in Finnish, and it can be found in application shops by the name Turun Eurooppa-foorumi. It works on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. You can also download the application on the website of the event:

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