Europe Market

Europe Forum Turku 2020

27–28 August 2020

The virtual event is free and open for everyone through the address

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In 2020, Europe Forum Turku will be organised on 26–28 August 2020. The theme of this year’s event is “Finland in the EU for 25 years" jubilee.

This year, the Europe Forum will have a virtual Europe Market. Various companies, organisations and politicians will have their own virtual rooms which you will be able to visit during the event. 

At the virtual Europe Market, you can watch videos, read blog posts and take part in quizzes, for example. The Europe Market will stay open during Autumn 2020. Visit the Europe Market

At the virtual Europe Market, you can also watch interviews with the Europe Forum speakers conducted by Liisa Ketomäki and Juhani Pekkala.  Watch the interviews